Introducing ATON's "PURE CAMEL", the one and only breathing fibre.

ATON's camel is, as the name suggests, "PURE" itself.

Firstly, camel fibres are said to come in three main colours, as shown in the photo above. Usually, camel fibres of these three colours are not selected and mixed to produce a camel of its own colour. ATON, of course, neither bleaches nor dyes the fibres. We uses "PURE CAMEL" raw wool in its natural colour without mixing the fibres of the three colours, so that it is the only camel with its own colour. The raw wool "PURE CAMEL" is unique, natural and has a high quality lustre.

The camels used are the "lid camel" from the Inner Mongolia region, where there are large differences in temperature, and baby camel hair is collected from camel cows up to six months of age, when the fibres are still intact.
The fibres of the baby camel, which can only be harvested once per camel, are extremely fine, strong and light, and the air between the hairs is filled with air, making it a "breathing fibre" with excellent warmth retention and moisture release properties at the same time. It is a "breathing fibre".
It is carefully woven in Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture, to make PURE CAMEL. The beauty of the rare fibre's nature itself, Japanese technology that can be used for a long time, excellent heat retention, moisture release and softness, thin and light but warm, a non-stress fabric for the wearer - this is the "one and only breathing fibre = "PURE CAMEL".


Based on the Loden coat, originally worn by European aristocrats when hunting, made from shrunken Loden cloth, a unique fabric woven in the Tyrol region to protect against cold and wind, it has been updated for ease of movement to suit the modern lifestyle.

It is a one-rank higher Loden Coat that can be worn casually with the front open for a wide range of movement, or dressily with the belt designed in a low position and plenty of braunsing.

A luxurious winter skirt made from the thin, lightweight yet warm "PURE CAMEL".
The narrow silhouette, which shows off the waist and hips and flows towards the hem, flutters beautifully as you walk, making it a beautiful and striking piece at first glance.

Next, we introduce ATON's original moleskin using "PURE CAMEL" yarn.
The name means "mole" (mole) + "skin" (skin), and this material is finished by a weaver and processor in Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture. The fabric is woven while raising the hair to create an airy layer, giving it a gentle feel and soft texture. It also has excellent warmth retention properties as it incorporates a large amount of air into the fluff, which is like laying hair.

This A-line Balmacaan coat with a relaxed feel makes full use of the elegant sheen of camel and the loose look of moleskin. It has a sleek design, but the supple drape of the fabric is utilised and the seam allowance has been changed in various places, making it a piece where the invisible attention to detail shines through.
By using high-density cotton for the lining, it plays the role of a framework that supports the outer fabric from the inside, creating an exquisite silhouette.