【Something that can only be found here】

ATON is a brand that carefully visualize from "0" to "100" in every process, from design to production.

The name ATON comes from A to N. A is the first character and N is the last character of Japanse alphabet. In other words, it expresses the brand's desire to create a precise manufacturing process with a visible production background, valuing close communication with the producers from the raw materials to the finished product.

ATON's clothes are characterised by a beautiful silhouette when worn, despite their seemingly standard appearance. The company conducts thorough research to gain a good understanding of the qualities and appeal of the materials, which are then incorporated into the design.
In addition, the brand considers both comfort and appearance, so its garments are not only beautiful but also stress-free.

ATON's signature material "SUVIN COTTON". We would like to introduce you to the story of how ATON's SUVIN COTTON was born.

SUVIN COTTON is a cotton from India with long, thin fibres that give it a silky sheen and a pleasant feel to the skin. It is known as the 'Jewel of India' for its lustrous beauty, and Indian spinners pray to the gods when using Suvin cotton.

The Suvin cotton is grown in the jungles of Tamil Nadu in southern India. Thanks to its altitude and latitude, the climate is favourable for cotton with fertile soil, making it a rare source of extra-long staple cotton in the world.

ATON uses special Suvin cotton, which is grown by a limited number of farmers in the region.
The cotton, which is generally harvested by machine, is picked one by one by hand and the debris and seeds are removed by hand.
With less than about 0.1% of the world's total cotton production, it is very rare and of special value.

After the compressing process, the waste is further removed by hand. The fibres are then combed many times to loosen and align them one by one. The tremendous work is carried out by hand as much as possible, so that the fibres are not damaged, The oil content is not lost and beautiful yarn is produced. The ATON jersey material is carefully knitted in Japan by knitters in Wakayama, after twisting and re-twisting the yarns.

Compared to ordinary suvin cotton, the sheen and smoothness of the jersey material from Wakayama is overwhelming, and we spins the yarn and knits the fabric in its own unique way to create a variety of products that make the most of the wonderful properties of natural fibres.

SUVIN 60/2
Knitted from two yarns knitted together, it has a silky sheen and a smooth feel against the skin.
You can feel the charm of Svin cotton straight away.

Made from air-spun yarn that is crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, like cotton candy.
It has a rougher look and drier touch than ordinary air-spun fabrics, with more colour and shine.

This is a highly functional material, despite being a natural fibre, with a crisp feel, good skin release and a thick but easy-to-dry texture, achieved by knitting two high-twisted yarns together.

Each cotton has its own charm that makes it hard to believe that they are the same cotton, but because the fibres are smooth with little pain, the dye reaches deep layers, making it difficult for the colours to fade, resulting in beautiful colouring.

The natural fibres, which are not treated with chemicals, are also superior in terms of durability, and their beauty remains unaffected even after repeated washing.

We hope that you will experience first-hand the beauty of products carefully produced by human hands.