ATON's original FUR CASHMERE series, gently furred by the power of water.
Fluffy fur cashmere knitted from delicate cashmere by WHOLEGARMENT (knitters in Uonuma City, Niigata Prefecture). Whole garment is a lightweight, seamless process that knits the product shape itself one by one, with minimal loss of raw materials.

Furthermore, the common fur process raises the hair by scraping it off the surface with a comb, which not only damages the fibres, but also causes approximately 20% of the raw material to fall out, which is wasted.
ATON achieves beautiful dyeing and raising by allowing the whole-garment knitted product to swim freely in plenty of clean snowmelt water.

The factory is located in Toyama Prefecture, in the Tateyama Mountain range of the Northern Alps, in an area of heavy snowfall as typified by the World Heritage Site of Shirakawa-go.

FUR CASHMERE is carefully dyed using this water, one by one, over time and with the experience of craftsmen, resulting in a unique and gentle texture.
Another advantage is that the fur thus created can retain its texture for a long time by careful brushing.


Crew neck carefully knitted in WHOLEGARMENT with a firm, closed neck with a mannish design. Also available in men's sizes, and of course women can wear it oversized.

The cardigan is knitted in a generous, full-length WHOLEGARMENT pattern and is warm and extremely comfortable to wear. Of course, there are no seams anywhere. With its delicate fur and beautiful colours, it looks great peeking out from outerwear.


A cardigan is as the same simple design of a long cardigan, but with a shorter length for a lighter weave. Goes well with items such as wide trousers and flared skirts.